Arabic publisher Dar Al Hiwar has published Ersan Üldes’ latest novel The Theory of Infirmity

Ersan Üldes’ latest novel, Zafiyet Kuramı (The Theory of Infirmity), was published by Plan B in 2007.  An excerpt was published in Dalkey Archive’s Best European Fiction 2011 Anthology, edited by Aleksandar Hemon.

Üldes’ protagonist Meriç is the translator of ‘famous writer’ Judith Wohmann. However, he is a translator who is particularly fond of taking liberties, or rather asserting his own agency in his translations. He makes changes to the plots of the novels, deconstructing and then reconstructing post-modern structures, keeping alive and writing brand new storylines for the characters that he’s fond of.

Meriç’s celebrates a great secret success with his own literary creations until an event that would just tip him over the edge. For Meriç, the line between writing and rewriting, between original creation and secondary derivation starts to interfere with his whole life, that becomes a blurry one indeed.













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